Dedicated Server Hosting

Key features: MANAGED AND UNMANAGED SERVERS 99.9% uptime  with dedicated 24/7  qualified technical support Windows and Linux Options 14 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers put you in complete control of your valuable online web presence. For reliability, stability, flexibility and quality of the highest degree, look no further. WebDios’s Servers offer reliability and performance for a great deal less. Choose between the latest Intel i-core and Xeon processors. NVMe SSD powered servers offer 3x speed than normal SSD's providing you the ultimate performance for a very low pricing. The NVMe interface utilises the full power of your SSDs, greatly improving performance of simultaneous multiple I/O operations.

Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core
CPU-B 10032
Storage 2x 512 GB NVMe SSD
$ 95.99 USD /month
+ one time setup fee $ 53.99 USD
Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core
CPU-B 20155
Storage 2x 1 TB NVMe SSD
$ 198.99 USD /month
+ one time setup fee $ 95.99 USD
Intel® Core™ i7-8700 Hexa-Core
CPU-B 15277
Storage 2x 1 TB NVMe SSD
$ 166.99 USD /month
+ one time setup fee $ 81.99 USD
Intel® Xeon® E-2176G Hexa-Core
CPU-B 15400
Storage 2x 960 GB NVMe SSD DC Edition
$ 228.99 USD /month
+ one time setup fee $ 95.99 USD
2 x Intel® Xeon® Silver 4114 10-Core
CPU-B 19445
Storage 2x 960 GB NVMe SSD DC Edition
$ 410.99 USD /month
+ one time setup fee $ 197.99 USD
2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 16-Core
CPU-B 21392
Storage 2x 960 GB NVMe SSD DC Edition
$ 484.99 USD /month
+ one time setup fee $ 284.99 USD

Standard server features:

  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • Full root access
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 address
  • IPv6 subnet (/64)
  • Firewall
  • DDoS Protection
  • 100% Network Uptime

Supported Operating Systems for Servers:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • CentOS (6/7)
  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Arc Linux

Server Addons

Server Control Panels
CPanel / WHM $ 42.99
Plesk Web Admin Edition (10 domains) $ 6.65
Plesk Web Pro Edition (30 domains) $ 9.99
Plesk Web Host Edition (Unlimited domains) $ 28.30
Additional IPv4 Addresses
1 IPv4 Address $ 1.65
6 IPv4 Address $ 9.99
14 IPv4 Address $ 19.99
30 IPv4 Address $ 38.30

The best dedicated server hosting provider with Ultimate Service Guarantee

Free SSL Certificate

Our servers come with a free SSL certificate to secure your website and make your websites more SEO friendly. Every website owner knows the importance of security and visibility of your webpages get all of it with free ssl.

Free Domain Name

You not only get the best of web hosting services, but when you get our dedicated server you also get a free domain (.com or .in) name so that you can save even more. Order now and save with our 2 in 1 plans.

Firewall and DDoS Protection

Security is the prime concern of any website owner, luckily when you are with us you are completely covered. Our free firewall and automated DDoS mitigation system protect your website from malicious traffic and also protect from DDoS attacks making your website fast and secure.

Free Server Management

Need a server but thinking its expensive to manage, worry not!. All our servers come with 2 hours of free server management support when you order a server with a control panel (Cpanel/Plesk).

Dedicated Live Support

Any time, day or night our dedicated and professional in-house support team is ready to answer your server related questions 24/7/365. Got a question or need some quick help just drop us a message.

Wordpress Server

Need server for a High traffic Wordpress blog or website but unsure how to configure ? We've got you covered. Order our server and we will configure and optimize your server for the best wordpress performance.

WebDios: Dedicated Server Services

WebDios is one of the leading web hosting providers in India of affordable enterprises scale hosted server solutions. Our primary services include web hosting, Dedicated Server, Domain Name services, website development, business email, Cloud Server (VPS) and more. We also offer Reseller services so that you can start your own web services company with our quality infrastructure and technical support backup.
Yes, you get full root access, which means you have full administrative control of your server. This means you have complete control of your server, and can choose to install any software you wish to.
With our extensive expertise in server management, we offer Free server management and server software assistance 2 hours per month while getting a server with pre installed control panel such as CPanel or Plesk and Full time hardware management 24/7/365. With our remote hands support you can rest assured that your server and your web presence is un interrupted.
At WebDios we pride our self to be the Best Dedicated Servers providers in India offering a wide range of Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers based on the customer needs. We expertise in providing optimised servers and server configurations for small scale to Enterprise clientele ranging from budget dedicated servers to High Availability Load Balanced Servers for Business applications which cannot afford any downtime. We Also specialise in setting up private clouds based on OpenStack cloud platform using our server configurations. Chat with us to get more information. WebDios offers managed support with or without control panels installed on the servers, all our servers come with a minimum of 2 hours of monthly management included.
Servers are by default configured on software RAID-1. If you require a hardware RAID and Redundant power supply it can be added for an additional cost.
There are several ways to access your server:
  • SSH – you can access your server through any SSH client using the root credentials we provide to you.
  • cPanel / Plesk Control Panel – if you have chosen to purchase cPanel / Plesk from us, you can access and manage your server through the cPanel / Plesk control panel.
  • Dedicated Server Control Panel – you can also perform frequent operations, such as Stopping, Starting and Restarting your server through our web-based control panel, which comes bundled with every server.
  • Dedicated Servers – State of the art hardware with great reliability

    WebDios offers a dedicated server hosting product for those website owners who want complete control over their system resources and security. Our dedicated server is designed to take your business to the next level. With our dedicated servers you can expect a high level of security, awesome speed and near 100% uptime. Read on to know more.

    What is a Dedicated Server?

    A dedicated hosting service or a dedicated server is a service in which an entire server box is allocated for the exclusive use of a single customer and not shared like other hosting products. Unlike a Virtual Private Server (VPS), the client using a dedicated server will have full access to CPU and RAM resources of the box. It is ideal for customers who run high performance websites.

    What you get with WebDios’s Dedicated Servers?

    Dedicated servers provide high performance, tractability and control. Some other benefits includes
    • Free Firewall
    • Free Domain
    • Free SSL
    • Free DDoS Protection
    • Flexibility to personalise Network, Storage and Server
    • Full Control and Security
    • High Availability
    • Improve Reliability with Hardware Redundancy
    • Enterprise Level Consistency
    • Managed Support

    Who uses Dedicated Hosting?

    A dedicated server is ideal for businesses that run a high traffic website. It could alternatively be also used for those customers who want to take a dedicated server and carve out a shared hosting platform from it. While selecting a dedicated server hosting product, make sure to choose the right configuration of your server to allow your website/ business to function seamlessly.

    Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

    If your business requires you to purchase a dedicated server, or if you have any questions regarding our dedicated server hosting product, use the ‘Live Chat’ option at the top of the page to talk to one of our dedicated server specialists. Alternatively you could also send us an e-mail at

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